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August 5-10, 2023
Mandalay Bay / Las Vegas
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Bricks & Picks

August 9-10 | Business Hall

Visit Bricks & Picks to play with a gigantic pile of genuine LEGO bricks! There will be building activities and competitions with prizes throughout the day judged by the winner of LEGO Masters, NickinBrick. If building under pressure isn't your thing, you can mingle and relax in our community zone by tagging our 2D graffiti wall or building whatever you like and adding your creation in our Black Hat Gallery. Bulk LEGO pieces have been partially provided by LUGVegas, a local group of Adult Fans of LEGO.

In partnership with Red Team Alliance, the Lockpicking Activity Space at Black Hat USA’s “Bricks & Picks” will provide valuable insights into the world of physical security and help attendees better understand the risks associated with physical security risks. By exploring vulnerabilities in various types of locks and the techniques used to bypass them, participants will be introduced to the hidden flaws in many physical security products. Participants will leave this activity space with more dynamic and innovative ways to approach security concepts and look at ubiquitous hardware in unconventional ways. By shining a spotlight on the topic of lockpicking, we hope to raise awareness of the importance of physical security and help attendees think more creatively about the ways in which to protect their assets.