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August 1 - 6, 2020
Virtual Event

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind: Building an Advanced Threat Hunter

Featuring Dave Amsler, Founder and CEO of Cyborg Security

Following Black Hat Webcast "Understanding and Disrupting Offensive Innovations," Dave Amsler, Founder and CEO of Cyborg Security discusses Cyborg's involvement in threat hunting and his conception of what advanced threat hunting actually looks like in practice.

BH_Cyborg_FastChat_WebcastPlus from Informa Engage on Vimeo.

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About Cyborg Security

Cyborg Security is a pioneer in cybernetic threat hunting, delivering advanced, actionable threat hunting content via a first-of-its kind single platform. Cyborg delivers a tailored, cross-platform, solution that empowers defenders and enables organizations transform their threat hunting capabilities. Cyborg provides continuously updated content, context, scripts, and playbooks delivered as turn-key, ready-to-use hunting content your organization can deploy instantly.

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