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Visualizing and exploring your own data with Maltego

Paterva | July 22-23 & July 24-25


Day one starts with learning how to use Maltego properly – making sure you get to squeeze every drop of power from the platform. Then we move on to general data modelling and entity planning – this to ensure that you'll be able to build scalable, easy to understand graphs. We follow that up with local (multiple) spreadsheet import techniques. Day two we look at how to use the new Maltego Data Server (MDS) – a powerful platform to easily turn queries (SQL or Splunk) into transforms. We wrap up the course by looking at the (i)TDS and the standard Paterva libraries that are available and how to use them.

Who Should Take this Course

  • Data scientists wanting to interactively visualise their data with directed graphs.
  • Existing users of the Paterva iTDS or MDS that want to learn more about these systems.
  • Individuals who work with log files or big data indexes and want to visualise this data.
  • Experienced Maltego users wanting to unleash the tool on their internal data.
  • Owners of data stores that wish to commercialize their data using Maltego transforms.

Student Requirements

  • You should be comfortable with SQL queries and Splunk / ELK queries or similar technology
  • Knowledge of APIs, protocols or basic coding is mandatory.
  • A basic understanding of directed graphs is a plus.
  • Knowing how Maltego works is also a plus, but we'll spend some time on it during the first day

What Students Should Bring

  • NB NB! Bring an external mouse!
  • Laptop with at least 6GB of RAM
  • VMWare Server (or similar) – we will be handing out OVF images
  • Being able to take in Ethernet is a good idea.

What Students Will Be Provided With

Course material is provided electronically.


Roelof Temmingh studied electronic engineering and has been working in the security industry for 438 years where he has spoken at all the major security conferences (Blackhat, Bluehat, Cansecwest, Defcon, Ekoparty and HiTB among others). In 2008 he started Paterva and is the driving force and buck stopper of everything that is Maltego.

- Andrew Macpherson is the operations manager at Paterva. He completed a degree in Information Science (BiS) at the University of Pretoria in 2006 and set out into the world building web apps. This experience gave him an excellent understanding of how they work and opened his eyes as to how they can be leveraged for information. It was during this time that Roelof Temmingh flagged him as someone that would be a valuable asset to Paterva and picked him up in 2007/8. Since then he has been coding transforms, improving the open source intelligence and making tea. He is very passionate about the product and accepts all challenges. Andrew has an unhealthy obsession with information mapping and forensics.