Call for Papers - Official Terms


By submitting to Black Hat’s Call for Papers, submitters understand and agree to the Official Terms.

  1. By speaking at a Black Hat conference, you grant Black Hat permission to record, reproduce, distribute, advertise, and show your presentation including but not limited to, conference proceedings and materials, audio, video, printed and/or electronic ads, fliers, mailers, etc.
  2. Researchers and research teams should be aware of the following guidelines regarding the number of researchers permitted to present on stage for each type of Briefing session. Speaking team members must be included in the CFP submission prior to the close of the CFP.
    1. 25-minute Briefing – 1 speaker per team
    2. 50-minute Briefing – 2 speakers per team
  3. Full conference passes are given only to those who actively participate as Speakers on accepted presentations.
    1. Conference passes are non-transferable.
    2. Co-workers, PR representatives, press, spouses, friends etc. must register and pay the appropriate fees.
  4. The Black Hat Review Board will have access to all submitted applications and materials.
    1. Review Board and Speaker Liaison access to submissions is provisioned under NDA with Black Hat and UBM.
    2. Reviews, Acceptances and/or Declines are conducted on a rolling basis.
    3. All correspondence and queries should be sent to
    4. Individuals should not directly contact any Black Hat Review Board member regarding the status of submission(s) or feedback.
  5. Black Hat will provide one projector, one screen, one wired Ethernet connection and one wired microphone (if applicable) for the on-site presentation.
    1. Speakers are responsible for providing all other necessary equipment, including laptops and machines for their presentation.
  6. If the presentation is deemed to be a work of plagiarism or a blatant vendor pitch, Black Hat may revoke the Speaker’s honorarium and the Speaker will not be considered for future speaking opportunities.
  7. All participants must adhere to the Black Hat Code of Conduct:
  8. Black Hat reserves the right to change scheduled speaking times as necessary. While every effort will be made to honor assigned times, Speakers may be called upon to present at any time during the conference.
  9. Black Hat reserves the right to rescind an accepted submission without reason.


Briefings Speaker
(25 and 50 minute presentations)
  • Open to both new Speakers and previous Black Hat speakers
  • Employer logo only on two presentation slides: Introduction and Biography
  • Speaking Honorarium:
    • $750 USD for one Speaker (25-minute Briefing)
    • $1,000 USD for one Speaker (50-minute Briefing)
  • Travel Reimbursement:
    • Economy-class, round-trip airfare for one Speaker
    • Cap of $1,000 USD domestic travel and $1,300 USD international travel
    • One hotel room for three nights (July 25, 26, and 27) for one Speaker
  • Conference Registration:
    • One Briefings pass per Speaker(s)



Black Hat strongly supports and encourages co-ordinated/responsible disclosure. To this end, Black Hat has a strong partnership with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to provide pro-bono legal consultations to security researchers on the legality of any research or data they plan to present at the event.

If you have questions about the legal implications of your security research or presentation, contact Electronic Frontier Foundation at