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Stephanie Wisdom, Cybersec Writer, Domain Tools

What is your adversary's largest attack vector? Is it a web page? A virus? An email attachment? Hint: It is your greatest and most vital asset.

Your brand.

Brand fraud is a common form of digital risk—particularly amongst enterprise brands. In today's digital landscape, there is no shortage of attack vectors. Cyber criminals know this, and use this knowledge to engage your customers through fraudulent or unauthorized social media accounts, counterfeit websites, phishing emails and more. Because your customers trust your brand, they assume these communications are coming from your company and readily fall for the scam, resulting in becoming victims of sensitive data theft.

Annually, lost revenue as a result of brand fraud costs companies over $1 trillion worldwide. Each day, organizations are exposed to a multitude of online threats that erode their reputation, and lead to a loss of customers and/or customer trust. And for all the direct losses, the organization also incurs significant indirect losses.

Cover Your Assets
Malicious actors can swindle your prospects, customers, and partners, all through your brand. Impersonating your organization, they damage your reputation, devour cybersecurity resources, and jeopardize the safety of your customers. Therefore, brand protection is not a nice-to-have, but a must-have. But where do you begin? It's as clear as MUD: Monitor, Uncover, Discover.

Monitor your brand across the entire digital landscape. You must be able to shut down unofficial websites and mobile applications, take down unauthorized social media accounts and illegal use of your brand across all digital channels, and detect phishing attacks at scale. You need to have an eye on all things at once.

Uncover who is behind online infringement. You must be aware of every domain registered with your corporate registrar and the associated WHOIS contact. Get detailed profiles of specific domains, and secondary information such as the number of domains hosted on the same IP address and other domains associated with the registrant.

Discover the scope and severity of deceptive activity. Investigate when the fraudulent activity began through the creation of forensic maps of criminal activity. This allows you to triage threat indicators, assess risk, and prevent future attacks.

Security teams must have the proper investigative and brand-monitoring solutions to protect their organization's reputation, customers, and revenue across the entire digital landscape.  Protect your online assets—defend your brand reputation!

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