True XDR is Critical to Cyber Risk Mitigation

Trend Micro

By Mike Gibson, Vice President, Threat Research, Trend Micro

The world is ready to move forward after an endlessly challenging year and a half. How exactly we will move forward depends on many factors, and one of those needs to be the threat landscape.

The past few months have felt like the summer of cybercrime with such an uptick in high profile attacks. Criminals are better enabled and equipped today than ever — less experience is needed to be a full-fledged cybercriminal with "as-a-service" offerings available in underground forums for all types of threats and attacks. Attackers are improving their methods to hide in the shadows and slip through any cracks they can find.

To counter this increase in sophisticated criminal activity, many companies are consolidating their security vendors — reducing the number of cracks and shadows in which they can hide.

There are several reasons this is important and helpful:

  1. The job of security teams today has become unmanageable. Understaffed teams have to manage countless dashboards and innumerable event logs to correlate information and make sense of the red flags. That is not a scalable approach, nor will it be effective in stopping damaging attacks.
  2. No matter the security stack, visibility and connectivity will be the most important factors that contribute to successfully mitigating the risk of cyber attacks. With 50-100 security point products, visibility and connectivity is simply not an option.
  3. Consistent threat intelligence is critical for teams to make sense of the event logs they receive. Different vendor naming conventions and inconsistency across the industry makes it hard to know that one alert from the endpoint solution correlates with an alert from the IPS or started from this email alert.

A solid XDR solution solves these problems for security teams. True XDR is an ideal solution for vendor consolidation to eliminate cracks in the security stack; It will handle visibility and data correlation for you; And the best platforms leverage the best research and threat intelligence to provide consistent, strong insights and actionable alerts.

Strong XDR will also connect across the entire IT environment to see threat events from endpoints, cloud assets, the network, and email and web gateways, identifying anomalous behavior and stopping attacks before payloads are dropped. Not every XDR offering out there is created equally.

When teams can ignore the noise and focus on actionable logs from a single dashboard, they are much better equipped to identify and stop criminals.

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