It's time to close the loop on cybersecurity skills development

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By Sam Oliver, Global Product Marketing Manager, Hack The Box

According to a research survey conducted by Hays US earlier this year, organizations of all sizes across all industries are still struggling to fill their demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals in their enterprises.

It's nothing new - the skills gap in cybersecurity was a well-established challenge since long before the pandemic. But those in security roles felt more overworked and overwhelmed going into this year compared to 2020.

But what's the solution? It appears that for most enterprises it's not just a seemingly small talent pool contributing to the problem, but a funding issue too. There simply isn't the budget to hire more and more cybersecurity professionals. Basic supply and demand.

Perhaps it's time we look internally instead. At Hack The Box, we've seen a significant uptick in the number of organizations doing just that to solve their cybersecurity staffing challenge.

More than 1,000 businesses, Fortune500 companies, government agencies and universities use our new Enterprise Platform to introduce an innovative and engaging way to learn, practice and develop cybersecurity skills and techniques.

We believe that to fundamentally address the challenges around cybersecurity skills development, we need to go much further than just training. Which is why we deliver a 360 degree approach to cybersecurity skills management.

Our customers can specialize team skills, sharpen specific techniques, engage in competitions and recruit skilled talent - all from a single platform. Last week, we upgraded many aspects of the Enterprise Platform to further expand its capabilities.

Cyber teams stay engaged and attack-ready, while managers and recruiters enjoy flexibility and simple administration across our Dedicated Labs, Professional Labs, Academy for Business and Talent Search solutions.

It's not just about putting all our solutions in the same place, we've fundamentally streamlined everything about the user and administrator experience as well.

Businesses already work with us to help them:

  • Find and recruit skilled security professionals
  • Train and develop new skills across their team
  • Assess and measure capabilities across their security function
  • Improve engagement and retention of team members with hacking competitions like CTFs, workshops and more

In many ways, the 2021 report from Hays wasn't all that surprising. If there is a solution to be found to closing the gap and meeting demand for security skills across the industry, it appears the best way to start is by developing those security professionals already in your employ.

Hack The Box for Business helps more than 1,000 businesses across the globe do just that, and we are ready to do it for you too.

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