Our SecTor Presence Shows Our Commitment - We Believe We Can Help You Win the Fight Against Ransomware

Vmware Carbon Black

By Jason Rolleston, Vice President & General Manager for VMware Carbon Black

There has never been a more crucial time for security professionals to have the right tools to defend against bad actors in the rapidly evolving threat landscape. Arming our customers with enterprise solutions that protect their businesses from cyber threats is our singular purpose.

VMware Carbon Black is sponsoring Sector 2023 to solidify our commitment to protecting your business by innovating our security portfolio. With SecTor’s history as a gathering place for the industry’s brightest, we can’t think of a better place to demonstrate our passion for helping our customers operate confidently and securely. And it’s the best place to show how VMware continues to invest in preserving and expanding our presence as a cybersecurity industry leader.

At SecTor, we’re underscoring how vital it is for infosec professionals to rely on a single source of truth to make the decisions that keep them a step ahead of the next emerging threat. By sharing the core beliefs that drive our product and business strategy, we also hope to share how we’re showing up daily for customers–and why this work is so important.

What We Believe
We believe the details matter. That context matters. You can’t hope to drop a bunch of data into a big pile and expect magic to occur because not all anomalies are attacks, and not all attacks are anomalies.

We believe modern cybersecurity requires more visibility and fewer black boxes. No matter how smart the machine is or how fancy the tool gets, ultimately, a human must be in the loop. And that human is under attack and the attackers only have to get through once. Even when that human has the required insight and skills, they need help. So, we believe that people matter. They matter a great deal.

We believe no tool or organization can remove all the threats to your organization. Yet the tools you do use must enable your organization to solve and defend itself against threats unique to you. With their expertise and hard-fought wisdom, we believe the analyst should be able to make the tool better than it was when it came out of the box. And the right tools should return the favor by making you better, not irrelevant.

For your business, we know the fight against cyber threats is essential, even existential. Yet we believe this is a fight you can win. And we can help tilt the scales in your favor. We’d love the opportunity to show you how.

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