Cyber Counterintelligence - Leveraging Cyber Deception


By Joseph Salazar, Technical Marketing Engineer

The term “counterintelligence (CI)” usually suggests espionage activities, intelligence agencies, and spy versus spy, but CI is not limited solely to military and government organizations. CI is any activity aimed at preventing an adversary from gathering information on one’s organization, and a modern cybersecurity strategy can leverage it.

Threat actors follow a playbook when infiltrating organizations to conduct their attacks. Once they break in and establish an internal foothold, they conduct internal reconnaissance to gather information, identify targets, and acquire credentials to move laterally and conduct operations. If defenders can stop attackers from conducting internal reconnaissance, they can cripple the attack, and this is where Cyber CI helps.

Join SentinelOne to understand how Deception Technologies provide Cyber CI capabilities across the entire enterprise:

  • Hide critical information and credential data.
  • Use lures and bait to misdirect attacks.
  • Leveraging decoys to engage attacks.
  • Gather threat intelligence.

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