Free and Open Endpoint Security -- A Sneak Peek


Mike Nichols, Product Lead, Elastic Security and Jae Lee, Product Marketing, Elastic Security

Join us at our virtual booth at 10:20AM PDT on Wed, Aug 5 for a sneak peek of our new, free and open endpoint protection technology built into the Elastic Security solution.

Elastic is an open company. We code in the open, communicate directly with our users, and offer free, powerful software deployed across major cloud providers or through self-managed downloads.

In continuing with our open philosophy, we're excited to provide a sneak peek at new free and open endpoint security that we'll make available soon after Black Hat 2020. This isn't your standard "free home antivirus." Our free and open endpoint security has the same threat-stopping power tested and reported by AV Comparatives.

So why is free and open endpoint security important right now?

In short, there are new hosts being used for business purposes, in people's homes, that need to be secured -- not an easy task given current conditions. IT teams are rushing years of planning into three months to onboard distributed employees and resources. With this global shift comes new adversary behaviors targeting the new remote workforce.

Organizations need to react fast, implement new controls, and do it all while pushing the business forward. Some are in a decent position to manage this change, with budget and staff to pull forward security plans and implement new technologies.

But what about the rest of us? Enterprise security can come with high barriers: cost and complexity, to name a few. But are difficulty and expense valid reasons for sacrificing security?

With help from our community, Elastic Security developed and launched a free and open SIEM, backed by direct access to Elastic Security experts. Finally, the technology that security teams had long been using — the powerful Elastic Stack — had its own dedicated SIEM interface.

In the year since, we've continued pushing the boundaries of free and open enterprise security software. We launched a detection engine to instantly detect threats across all your data, and bundled powerful, expert-developed rules mapped to MITRE ATT&CK®. We recently published a public detection rules repository to bring our rules creation process into the open and benefit from community contributions. We believe transparency and collaboration must be the new norm for the greater infosec community to succeed in stopping threats at scale.

When we joined forces with Endgame last year, we eliminated per-endpoint pricing and announced our goal to pull the power of Endgame directly into the Elastic Stack. We're delivering the first major milestone soon -- new free and open endpoint security — available in our default distribution with easier-than-ever centralized management.

You'll gain business-certified anti-malware capabilities on Windows and macOS systems. As part of the extended ecosystem of Elastic Security, users will also benefit from free access to 100+ prebuilt adversary behavior protections mapped directly to MITRE ATT&CK®.

Join us at Elastic's virtual booth, during our scheduled session at 10:20AM PDT on Wed, Aug 5 for a sneak peek into our upcoming release!

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