Protect Your Cloud Strategy with Automated Security


Author: Tim Woods, Vice President, Technology Alliances, FireMon

The need for agility and flexibility is accelerating the move to the cloud leaving many enterprises challenged with maintaining the integrity of their overall security posture. At FireMon, we have been driving innovation that allows customers to see their cloud deployments the same way they see their on-premise infrastructures, even when security configurations differ widely.

Hybrid cloud growth is outpacing the ability to secure it

FireMon's 2020 State of Hybrid Cloud Security Report found that almost 60% of respondents agree or strongly agree that deployment of business services in the cloud has accelerated past their ability to secure them adequately in a timely manner. This number is unchanged since last year. With public cloud adoption growing, it could be argued that ground has been lost.

The increasing complexity and sheer scale of hybrid cloud environments have become so easy to scale up that many nuances and security configuration aspects are overlooked in the process.

What if you could see the impacts of cloud security group changes before you make them?

The greatest challenges cited by C-level respondents in the survey is the lack of a

When an organization can't see exactly what and who is on its infrastructure, it is insecure. Missing information results in misconfigurations that erode compliance and open the door for hackers using automated tools to search the internet for this type of vulnerability.

Visibility should be real-time and holistic in in order to support a successful cloud management strategy. The types of information gained should include:

  • Application tracking
  • Continuous risk assessment
  • Inventories of cloud applications
  • Number of VM instances
  • Amount of compute
  • Storage consuption
  • Performance levels
  • Effectiveness of security controls

With this information, organizations can ramp up hybrid, public, and multi-cloud deployments at without struggling to fully secure their increasingly complex environments.

People should be asking, "How much of this process can we automate to streamline a process in the cloud?"

Complexity emerges because public cloud configuration isn't automatically linked to firewall policy configuration — they are treated as two separate activities. Yet, just like firewalls, public cloud instances accumulate unused and redundant rules. As multiple clouds are connected to the infrastructure and complexity mounts, these zombie rules pile up, causing conflicts and leaving security gaps.

A more reliable and comprehensive approach is to automate the application of a global security policy to the greatest extent possible. Every deployment should be guided by a centralized policy guideline that promotes best practice cloud security implementation.

Everything You Need to Streamline Firewall and Cloud Security Group Policy

FireMon is the fastest way to streamline network security policy management, which is one of the biggest impediments to IT and enterprise agility. Only FireMon offers Continuous Policy Automation, including the full range of capabilities to dynamically secure firewall and cloud security group policies — and increase enterprise agility. See how you can achieve a 90% EFFICIENCY GAIN by automating firewall and cloud security group operations and see an 80% REDUCTION in firewall and cloud security group misconfigurations.

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