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Traditional security technologies and infrastructure are converging. This has been apparent for some time, and yet we continue to see vendors scrambling to accommodate this massive shift with just simple talking points. Additionally, Gartner and other analyst firms have underscored this convergence by developing models like Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) that will change where we inspect network traffic and how we construct the enterprise edge. This shift makes sense in ensuring simplicity and security for the management of a modern business, in the same way, that bolted-on vs. integrated security makes all the difference in operational complexity organizations.

Over the past two decades, Juniper has kept the world's most demanding networks resiliently secured. And yet, when you think of Juniper, you probably think of big routers, switches, and firewalls capable of multi-terabit throughput and rock-solid, high availability. While these are important to network security, it's only the beginning of Juniper's capabilities. Through the embedding of Advanced Threat Protection, content security, anti-DDoS protection, Encrypted Traffic Analysis, and SecIntel, Juniper provides organizations with the ability to have security deeply integrated with their networking infrastructure. Our customers are capitalizing on the power that we’ve described as a threat-aware network.

In today's environment, organizations need to provide fast, reliable connections, ensure data security, and scale dynamically to meet escalating business demands. These global changes have left IT and Security teams scrabbling, and for some, business continuity became more critical than security. Operational ease and sufficient leverage of investment are no longer a "nice to have" – it is a customer mandate across the industry. Juniper's Connected Security strategy delivers resilient, flexible, security solutions that enable customers to fulfill their business and security needs without the proprietary approach other solutions require.

Don't just take our word for it. Juniper's Connected Security strategy has earned us a reputation for both capability and reliability. We have received recognition from analysts with certifications, awards, and analyst reports. In 2019, ESG validated our cloud-based Advanced Threat Protection capabilities, and the 2019 NSS Labs DCSG Security Value Map Comparative Report gave Juniper a "recommended" rating and announced "Juniper is back. The company is reasserting itself in the data center with a strong showing and should be on everyone's shortlist." Most recently, we were named a champion in the 2020 Canalys Global Leadership Matrix.

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