IDC Research Quantifies The Business Value of Proactive Threat Intelligence


By: Ariella Robison
VP of Marketing

There is an increasing chasm between the number of qualified cybersecurity professionals and the number of people needed to fill those roles. At DomainTools, we strive to address this challenge by offering context-rich threat intelligence solutions. Our offerings involve using indicators, including domains and IP addresses, to develop risk assessments, profile attackers, guide investigations, and map cyber activity to attacker infrastructure. Security analysts depend on our investigation platform and machine-learning based risk score to help them prioritize threats which greatly improves their efficiency. We also provide ongoing monitoring of malicious activity in DNS which allows our customers to predict and prevent threats.

We recently partnered with IDC Research to conduct a study on the business value of our proactive threat intelligence for several of our key customers. The results are summarized below:

Key Results

  • 19% lower chance of major security events
  • 313% average 3-year ROI
  • 5 months to payback

Threat Intelligence Team Efficiencies

  • 34% more efficient, overall threat investigation team
  • 28% more efficient, incident management teams
  • 24% more efficient, security analyst teams
  • 45% more efficient, other threat investigation team members

Improved Threat Intelligence Capabilities

  • Almost 3x more security threats identified
  • 82% faster to identify security threats
  • 42% fewer impactful security events

Customer Quotes

On threat intelligence efficiencies:
"With DomainTools, we need 10% of the 50 people for threat assessment. If we didn't have Domain Tools, we probably wouldn't do it at all. But if we had to do it, it would probably be at least 50% of the 50 people."

On delivering proactive intelligence:
"The most significant operational benefit of using DomainTools is being able to expose threat actor infrastructure and then taking that reactive information and turning it into proactive intelligence."

On avoiding impactful security events:
"With DomainTools, we’re able to identify malicious activities sooner and respond to it before business or operational risk occurs and prevent the impact connected with a security incident. And so that means that we avoid these impactful security incidents."

Read the full IDC Business Value paper

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