CrowdStrike Defines the Future of Cloud Security with One-Click XDR to Automatically Identify and Secure Unmanaged Cloud Assets


By Raj Rajamani, Chief Product Officer – DICE

CrowdStrike is defining the future of cloud security by empowering customers to rapidly understand their cloud risk and to detect, prevent and remediate cloud-focused threats. We are announcing a series of new cloud security innovations designed to deliver complete visibility into potential attack paths, from endpoint to cloud, and instantly secure vulnerable cloud workloads across build and runtime.

As part of this, CrowdStrike announced a new “One-Click XDR” capability that automatically identifies and secures unprotected cloud workloads by instantly deploying the CrowdStrike Falcon® agent. These agent-based and agentless innovations enable customers to consolidate multiple cloud security point products into a single, unified platform for complete protection across the cloud security lifecycle.

The cloud has quickly emerged as the new adversary battleground. As organizations expand their adoption of cloud infrastructure and services, adversaries follow, refining their tactics and techniques to exploit these environments. The growth of “cloud-conscious” adversaries — groups that abuse cloud-specific features to achieve their goals — represents significant risk to any organization operating in the cloud.

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