Growing Without the Pain: Security Beyond Point Solutions


By Aaron Sawitsky, Senior Manager of Cloud Partnerships

It’s a challenging time to be in cybersecurity. Facing an ever-growing list of threats and equipped with dozens of point solutions, today’s security professionals are under-resourced and overburdened. Meanwhile, the recent slew of serious cybersecurity incidents has executives at companies of all sizes increasing security budgets.

The question is, how can security teams best use these new funds to quickly expand capabilities and empower their analysts?

The Rapid7 Insight Platform is designed to do both, letting security teams quickly deploy powerful additional capabilities as their security programs mature. Its five products each address a different area of need in cybersecurity:

Let’s explore how the Insight Platform can help give teams the unified data, automation, additional capabilities they need to secure a growing environment:

One Agent
Deploying agents is time consuming and agent fatigue is a real problem. However, with more workers going remote, agents are necessary to maintain visibility into endpoints. The good news is that the Insight Platform features the Insight Agent, a lightweight agent (50-100MB disk space, 25-200MB memory) that’s shared by InsightVM, InsightIDR, and InsightConnect. Having one shared agent reduces fatigue and makes deploying new Insight products fast and impactful. For example, when an existing InsightVM customer purchases InsightIDR and opens it for the first time, data from any deployed Insight Agents will already be populated. It’s not unheard of for customers to uncover malicious activity the first time they open InsightIDR!

Cross-Product Integrations
Insight Platform products share data with one another to better identify and prioritize threats. For example, vulnerability data from InsightVM and cloud infrastructure data from InsightCloudSec can be added to investigations in InsightIDR. These pre-built integrations eliminate the development and upkeep required when trying to exchange data between point solutions.

Quality and Quantity
It would be understandable to assume that because Rapid7 offers so many different solutions, that the products’ capabilities would be middle of the road. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rapid7 takes great pride in being a leader in everything it does – this shows in the recognition Insight Platform products have garnered from industry analysts and publications:

One Vendor
A big benefit to working with Rapid7 is security teams have one point of contact for support across the entire Insight Platform. And those that are trying to consolidate suppliers really appreciate that by partnering with Rapid7 they are able to replace up to five vendors, giving them more time to focus on strengthening their security program.

As companies work to keep up with an ever-changing threat landscape, Rapid7 and the Insight Platform are ready to help you control the chaos and secure the future. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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