Community Power: The CrowdStrike Security Cloud Network Effect


By George Kurtz, CEO and Co-Founder, CrowdStrike

In cybersecurity, it requires a community to protect the cloud, and at CrowdStrike, this means using the CrowdStrike Security Cloud to gather data from 1+ trillion events per day to secure millions of endpoints, cloud workloads and containers around the globe. Our customers benefit from this network effect, powered by our global customer base and market-leading threat intelligence.

The CrowdStrike Security Cloud processes each of those events to identify potential indicators of attacks (IOAs) and malicious activity. And, it stores more than 15 petabytes of data in the cloud and protects over 1 billion containers every day. Using this combination of unique capabilities and data, the CrowdStrike Security Cloud makes more than 150 million IOA decisions every minute, stopping more than 75,000 breaches every year.

As the CrowdStrike Security Cloud continues to grow with each new customer environment protected, it becomes even smarter and faster, with more data providing an even deeper, more actionable understanding of the threat landscape — constantly improving its ability to protect our global customer base.

There Is Strength in Numbers
In a world of stealthy attacks and constant change, security depends greatly on the ability to collect, analyze and draw value from information across the IT estate, including on-premises and cloud environments. It's critical to gain the necessary level of visibility and use it to make sound security decisions in real time, and organizations need security solutions that can digest this data to further bolster defenses.

This is where the CrowdStrike Security Cloud, with its machine learning capabilities and behavioral analytics, becomes a major differentiator. Security is no longer just about using signatures to block malicious files and known activity — it's about getting ahead of threats by detecting and blocking previously unidentified attacker activity. When done well, machine learning can stop attacks even without malware signatures or previous knowledge of the malicious file.

Expertise Matters
Technology alone is not enough — it has to be matched with a human touch. For CrowdStrike, this takes the form of managed threat hunting, using crowdsourced attack data to discover whether any new tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) associated with attackers exist in customer environments. Then, further investigation may lead to the discovery of new IOAs and indicators of compromise (IOCs). Coupled with robust data analysis and machine learning, threat hunters can mine mountains of information for anomalies that suggest possible malicious activity and help identify new threats.

The more information the CrowdStrike Security Cloud takes in, the more information there is to analyze for a complete picture of the threat landscape facing businesses today — and the larger the data pool a security solution can draw from, the more effective its defenses can be.

In cybersecurity, there is strength in numbers. With each customer serving as a source of potential new threat information, the power of the network effect makes all users safer, and highlights CrowdStrike as the security force multiplier that today's organizations need.

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