Leveraging the Power of an AI-Prevention Platform

BlackBerry Cylance

By the BlackBerry Cylance Team

Large global manufacturing facilities often have thousands of IoT devices that are difficulty to keep up to date with the latest patches and configurations because doing so might interrupt critical operations costing the organization millions of dollars in lost productivity.

The common approach relies on a layered security approach which impacts performance, network bandwidth, expansion of the attack surface, and an increased number of points-of-failure within the tools themselves.

Manufacturers need a lightweight solution that operates in either online or offline mode, supports legacy platforms such as XP, and can offer a predictive advantage by preventing both known and unknown threats.

Cover image of SE Labs Intelligence-led Testing - Predictive Malware Response Test, March 2018

BlackBerry Cylance engaged SE Labs to independently evaluate the efficacy of our AI-powered conviction models, and the results were conclusive: CylancePROTECT® was deployed in customer environments with the ability to detect and block the most insidious attacks an average of more than two years before the malware was first detected in the wild (download the report here).

Some of the benefits to our customers from this Predictive Advantage are obvious - such as protection from zero-days, polymorphic, and repacked/obscured malware, as well as providing a long window of protection to allow for the proper testing and deployment of patches to critical without fear that those critical systems will be interrupted.

CylancePROTECT is an endpoint protection solution that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to provide a proactive and predictive offering. Our high-efficacy solution performs with minimal updates, fewer system resources, and limited network or user impact.

Case in point on the power of prevention: WannaCry/WanaCrypt0r was the worst malware outbreak that the world has experienced since Conficker in 2008. Within a day of its release, WannaCry was reported to have infected more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries.

However, Cylance customers were protected because CylancePROTECT has been able to block this malware since 2015, long before the threat ever emerged. That's the power of prevention.

Cylance also offers organizations greater visibility into network security events with our advanced EDR solution CylanceOPTICS, which reveals hard-to-find threats and provides the intelligence needed to take corrective action fast by streamlining incident response and containment to reduce dwell time, improve efficiency, and decrease the business impact of any security risk.

Organizations can also take advantage of our ThreatZERO consulting services, which are designed to institute best practices for prevention, internal IR workflows, vulnerability and patch management, and assessment of both internal hosts and externally facing services that attackers use to gain a foothold on a target network.

Predictive Advantage by Threat Family
Threat Family Predictive Advantage (months)
Bad Rabbit 29
Cerber 30
GhostAdmin 24
GoldenEye 23
Locky 20
NotPetya 25
Petya 26
Reyptson 27
WannaCry 24

True preventative technology based on applied artificial intelligence is the future of security, and BlackBerry Cylance provides seamless and silent attack prevention with zero reliance on signatures, the cloud, or reputation lookups.

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