Never Slowing Our Innovation

Trend Micro

Mike Gibson, Vice President, Threat Research - Trend Micro

It’s nearly time for Black Hat USA 2022, when security professionals from across the country come together to share stories, digest the latest trends, and learn where the cutting edge of threat protection is today. It’s always been an exciting time for us at Trend Micro. We’ve been sharing expertise, threat insight, and new protections with the community for decades. But this summer will stand out, as our strategy of continuous innovation gathers further momentum.

Walking The Talk
It all starts with threat intelligence. Our commitment to sourcing and refining the freshest, most accurate and actionable information sets apart our ability to protect global customers. Look everywhere and you can trace innovation at Trend Micro back to this source. It’s most obvious in our cloud-based threat intelligence platform, which draws real-time insight from over 250 million sensors worldwide. It helped us block more than 94 billion threats for customers in 2021, a 42% year-on-year increase.

Innovation from threat intelligence can also be seen in the hundreds of committed Trend Micro security researchers working round the clock and across the globe in 16 research centers, to make the connected world a safer place. It’s not just about protecting customers. Our Zero Day Initiative is the largest vendor-agnostic bug bounty program in the world, incentivizing the community to find and responsibly disclose vulnerabilities to vendors before the can be exploited. The annual Pwn2Own competition is an increasingly important part of these efforts—not only offering researchers an opportunity to test their talent against the very best in the industry, but delivering protection for a billion global users in the process.

Mitigating Risk, Transforming Security
On these solid foundations we’ve been able to accelerate digital transformation even as the world underwent a period of collective turmoil.

Perhaps the most exciting innovation is Trend Micro One—a single, unified platform that offers the full lifecycle of risk discovery, assessment and control to prevent, detect and respond to threats wherever they are, in any size and type of organization.

You can’t protect what you can’t see. And with Trend Micro One, security teams can see more, respond faster and keep their organization safer.

Despite the business uncertainty and disruption of the past two years, Trend Micro has stuck to the job at hand. Our teams around the world continue to be singularly focused on making the digital world more secure. We’re looking forward to sharing even more over the coming months.

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