Asia 2015: Hide and Seek

Most children enjoy hide and seek, but for jaded adults to enjoy the classic pastime, it needs a little extra... I dunno, danger? You know, to keep things exciting. Today we'll check out two Black Hat Asia 2015 Trainings -- one involving hiding, the other seeking -- that could well deliver a thrilling jolt of excitement, should you be the right kind of security geek.

First up, hiding... data, of course. With the sticky fingers of high-end adversaries everywhere you can imagine (as well as places you'd rather not), obscuring the existence of data becomes ever more challenging. One solution is steganography, the art of hiding data within other data. Why yes, there is something extra lurking in that JPEG, and that CD, and that video. Come to Malicious Steganography: Implementation and Detection for a comprehensive deep dive that will introduce key concepts like data compression, information theory and entropy, and the quirks of human perception. Then they'll move on to more advanced steganographic and steganalytic techniques such as bit-plane complexity segmentation, high-capacity jpeg hiding, F5, and statistical hiding in audio and video along with corresponding detection techniques and malware applications. Sounds like a busy two days, huh?

On the flipside, today's malware authors are using advanced techniques to keep their malware stealthy; malware like Zeus, Spyeye, and Bolware were able to successfully bypass security controls and infect thousands of machines. If only we could more effectively detect them with automated memory forensics... wait, that's a great idea! Detecting Advanced Malware Using Volatility and R will lead you into hands-on malware analysis using Volatility and R. You'll learn how to customize both and make them work together to do massive, simultaneous memory analysis on thousands of machines. Watch out, malwares -- y'all just got spotted.

Have you booked your trip yet? There's still plenty of time to secure your Black Hat Asia 2015 attendance at early bird rates. It's almost like Cyber Monday never ended.

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