Pentesting with the Pros

Sao Paulo, Singapore, Vegas, Amsterdam... Black Hat's all over the world lately. We're about to add another stamp to our suitcase, because Black Hat West Coast Trainings 2013 will be hitting the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle from December 9-12. Come for the moody rain, stay for the highly technical, hands-on Trainings from some of the infosec industry's best. To give you an idea of the sort of programming to expect, we thought we'd take a spin through a couple of our pentest offerings. Without further ado...

Practice is crucial to any complex endeavor, and penetration testing is no different. Adaptive Penetration Testing is a challenging, fast-paced, immersive course that will provide practical experience and a solid framework for conducting in-depth security assessments. Practical lab scenarios will teach you how to best use available tools and methodologies to accurately emulate modern threats, all while adapting to tightening budgets, limited timeframes, and diverse skillsets. The organizers will provide all attendees with Cobalt Strike, a new advanced pentesting suite, which you'll use throughout the course.

Next up, Kali Linux is the go-to distribution for penetration testing, and there is no better place to learn it than in a Black Hat Training by Offensive Security, the people who created it. In Pentesting with Kali Linux they'll guide you through the basics and teach you how to apply lateral thinking and develop creative solutions in hardcore security scenarios. Expect complex hands-on labs covering pentest bash scripting, reverse tunneling and exfiltration, fuzzing and exploiting Windows apps, and much more. Don't worry about bringing hardware; everyone will have access to pre-configured VMware machines.

Finally, when people hear the term "penetration testing," they usually think of hacking networks. But what about the physical aspect? If an attacker can gain real-world access to machines then it's pretty much game over. Attend Physical Penetration Testing to learn how to best protect buildings and grounds from unauthorized access, as well as how to compromise most existing physical security measures in order to gain access yourself. Learn good locks, bad locks, and how to pick the most common locks. You're already a ninja behind the keyboard, so come learn about the oft-neglected physical side of IT security.

Intrigued yet? Register before October 25th to access early-bird pricing, and you can also score discounts for groups of six or more. Check out the West Coast Trainings registration page for details. We hope we'll see you there!

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