First Round of Abu Dhabi Selections Released!

The Black Hat Abu Dhabi Call for Papers closed October 1st and we wanted to take a moment and thank all the members of the security community who took time out to submit their research to our CFP. The consistent quality never ceases to amaze us. Our Review Board members are currently working diligently to sift through all the content, discuss it, and build a consensus.

The first few rounds of reviews have been very fruitful, so we have some early acceptances to share with you:

Longtime Black Hat speaker Shreeraj Shah will return to our stage to discuss the security of HTML5 and how the capabilities of this emerging stack will affect the next generation applications. Join him for his presentation HTML5 Top 10 Threats - Stealth Attack and Silent Exploits to get a better understanding of this new architecture and the possible threats it contains.

Microsoft is marching towards its final public release of Windows 8 on October 26. And as we begin to see the new OS appear on desktops, servers, and mobile devices all over the world, what can we expect from this next generation of security mechanisms? Alex Ionescu will give you an independent analysis in his presentation Windows 8 Security, Mitigations, and ARM.

Some of the most sensitive data in any enterprise lies in the accounting department. Tom Eston and Brett Kimmell's presentation Cash is King: Who's Wearing Your Crown? demonstrates various attacks against this all-important resource. If your enterprise uses any of the major account software vendors, this session is for you.

The LTE (3GPP Long Term Evolution) standard is coming to a cell tower near you. How do these new networks work? How do the internal security controls stack up? Martyn Ruks will attempt to answer these questions and more in his presentation Practical Security Testing for LTE Networks.

Beyond new mobile networks, Black Hat Abu Dhabi 2012 will take a critical look at the smartphones themselves. These once-extraneous devices are becoming as big a target as corporate laptops. Steven Ridley will take a security-minded look at the ARM architecture and share some of his most interesting findings in his presentation Advanced Exploitation of ARM-based Mobile and Embedded Devices.

Good stuff! This was just the first round, so check back soon for more top-notch session announcements.

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