Don't Miss the Action-Packed Arsenal Offerings at Black Hat Europe

Organizers are hard at work preparing for another remarkable Black Hat Europe event in London this December. Here's a sneak peek at two fantastic demos you'll see there.

Quick refresher: Arsenal is where you want to be if you want to see live tool demonstrations in an open, conversational environment where you can react with presenters in a hands-on experience. To keep things fresh, the presenters change every few hours.  Organizers work hard to ensure presenters remain laser-focused on their subject, and won't try to upsell you on unrelated products or services. Everything must be open-source and security-related.

This year there's a killer Arsenal lineup for Black Hat Europe, starting at 10 AM on Wednesday Dec 5,  when Ariel Koren and Ran Dubin will present "SNDBOX: The Artificial Intelligence Malware Research Platform." (Black Hat Europe runs Dec 3-6)

Koren and Dubin will demonstrate SNDBOX, which they claim is the world's first AI-driven malware research platform designed to scale up research time and offer researchers never-seen-before malware analysis visibility. They'll also show you how all levels of your team can leverage SNDBOX platform information for complete malware remediation and new research possibilities while sharing insights and public samples.

On Thursday, Dec 6at 10 AM, Harsh Grover and Sagar Popat will appear for a live presentation on "Astra: Automated Security Testing for REST APIs." The pair contend that REST (Representational State Transfer) API penetration testing is complex due to continuous changes in existing APIs and the addition of new APIs. Their Arsenal demonstration will show you how security engineers and developers can use the Astra tool to  detect and patch vulnerabilities in the initial phase of the development cycle.

Black Hat Europe returns to The Excel in London December 3-6, 2018. For more information on how to register, check out the Black Hat website.

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