Black Hat Travels to Brazil

Black Hat will host our first Regional Summit conference in São Paulo, Brazil from November 26–27, 2013. We are sharing the venue with the IT Forum Expo, giving attendees convenient access to additional tracks of killer content on the world's latest security research, trends, and industry challenges. You can find a full description of the event here. And to pique your interest, we're highlighting three exciting Briefings attendees can look forward to. São Paulo needs no introduction, so instead we'll highlight three exciting Briefings attendees look forward to.

An anonymous researcher shocked the Internet when they released Internet Census 2012, which they generated by running a binary on approximately 420 thousand unprotected, Internet-facing devices to create, in their words, a "super-fast distributed port scanner." In Carna Botnet: Telnet's threat to the World (and Brazil) Parth Shukla will share never-before-revealed details on how this was pulled off, including a list of the compromised devices. In the meantime, you might want to check if your own Telnet devices are open to anyone who comes knocking.

With new PRISM revelations rolling out weekly, one's left wondering if today's service providers can truly provide their users with private communications. Enter WhatsApp, an increasingly popular Android chat client. In Defeating WhatsApp's Lack of Privacy Jaime Sanchez will demonstrate a novel way to use WhatsApp to communicate privately via a series of interstitial accounts that prevents either party from transmitting data directly to the WhatApp servers. Sanchez will detail this new three-layer security system and look ahead to how it can be implemented on additional devices.

Finally, for the second year in a row, massive DDoS attacks dominated the news headlines. DDoS attacks are growing in frequency, getting bigger and more complex. Reputation loss, spikes in customer support calls, and downtime are some of the costs incurred by targeted business. In Open for Business — What Can Enterprises Do to Combat DDoS attacks? Cassio Goldschmidt will explore options to most effectively mitigate these kinds of occurrences by examining the full blend of networks, software and service providers.

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