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Black Hat Abu Dhabi 2012 Call for Papers is Open

This December 3rd through the 6th Black Hat will again have the privilege of returning to one of the great cities of the world, Abu Dhabi. The United Arab Emirates is emerging as one of the world's newest financial, technological, and intellectual hubs, and with this amazing success there is, naturally, an increasing need to secure these valuable assets.

Black Hat is very excited to be part of that conversation. Do you have something to say? Black Hat's Call for Papers Abu Dhabi 2012 is now open, and we are want to hear from you.

This being Black Hat, we're always looking for the very latest in offensive research. However, for our regional events, we also believe that it's crucial to tackle some important local issues. Some of the topics you might consider are:

  • AppSec: Consider a focus on financial applications.
  • Mobile: The UAE has the most mobile phones per capita in the world. A relevant focus would again be payment structures or money transfers, with a secondary focus on other forms of PII.
  • SCADA and Control Systems: The petroleum industry obviously merits heavy attention. However, water control systems are also very important. In addition, the United Arab Emirates is the first Gulf Arab country to approve and begin construction of a nuclear reactor.
  • Cyber Crime: This could include things such as intellectual property theft, crime-ware, spam, fraud, etc.
  • Forensics (both host and network) and other defensive techniques.
  • E-Voting, as well as other instances of government/public use of Internet resources. How about public safety band wireless?
  • Social Networking: Over 61% of the UAE populace has a Facebook page, which ranks among the highest in the world.

As always, submit your research to our CFP server:

Read the official CFP terms and conditions here

See you in the desert!





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