Brush Up On The Latest Hacks At Next Week's Black Hat USA

If you want to learn how to better deal with application security, there are lots of opportunities in store for you at next week's cybersecurity event.

We're just one week away from the first all-digital Black Hat USA, a virtual conference designed from the ground up for cybersecurity professionals to attend remotely and still walk away with practical tips and relevant insights you can apply to your own work.

If you've still got some room in your Black Hat USA schedule, consider seasoning it with some of the exciting Application Security Briefings and Trainings on offer at the event, which is taking place August 1st through 6th.

If you want to learn how to better deal with code, either in software, firmware, or in the cloud, there are lots of opportunities in store for you at next week's event. There's still some seats left in both the 2-Day and 4-Day Web Hacking: Black Belt Edition Trainings, for example, and each offers you expert training in a wealth of hacking techniques to compromise web applications, APIs, cloud components and other associated end-points.

For a modern update on a specific aspect of application security you might think was old news, check out the Black Hat USA Briefing on HTTP Request Smuggling in 2020 – New Variants, New Defenses and New Challenges. In this 40-minute session you'll get an update on the state of HTTP Request Smuggling, which is still very much alive and well despite efforts to shed light on this threat.

You'll get a demo of four new HTTP Request Smuggling attack variants that work against COTS, popular, present-day web servers and HTTP proxy servers, learn more about other attack vectors and circumvention opportunities, and leave with a deeper appreciation of how to spot (and stop) HTTP Request Smuggling!

To check out some cool new App Sec toys, swing by the Arsenal and get a demo of a tool like xGitGuard. Designed to help organizations counteract the risk of revealing sensitive data on GitHub, xGitGuard is a full-fledge AI-based tool that detects company secrets and user credentials posted on the public GitHub in a scalable and timely-manner fashion.

What's especially interesting here is that xGitGuard reportedly takes advantage of a new text processing algorithm that can find secrets within files with a high level of accuracy. This can significantly help operations to take proper actions in timely manner, so don't miss your chance to check it out at Black Hat next week!

Register now for this year's fully virtual Black Hat USA, still scheduled to take place August 1st through 6th, and get more information about the event on the Black Hat website.

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