Getting Ready for Black Hat USA 2012

Black Hat is very excited to bring you another year of amazing content. But with so much great stuff being presented on stage and a limited amount of time, deciding which talk to see can be quite a challenge in itself. To help feed the OODA loop, Black Hat has created a content spreadsheet listing both days of briefings. The presentations can be sorted based on several different criteria which include such obvious fields such as manufacturer and platform. In addition it also takes into account some of the various career fields and points of view in the security community. For example, some attendees may focus on the talks from an offensive point of view, while others have defense, the enterprise, or even criminal activity as their primary concern.

A PDF version on our Black Hat USA 2012 program guide has been added to our site as well. We also put up just the schedule so you can download and save to you mobile devices for reference onsite.

Black Hat USA 2012 content spreadsheet Black Hat USA 2012 Program Guide Black Hat USA 2012 Schedule

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