Master the Latest Malware Strategies & Defenses

Malware takes many forms, and you'll have opportunities to study the latest at Black Hat USA in August.

From your own mobile device to enterprise cloud services used worldwide, no system is immune to the threat of malware. Cybersecurity professionals need to stay on top of the latest malware uses and defenses, and there's no better place to do that than Black Hat USA next month.

This virtual Black Hat event will be accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, and you won't want to miss out on all the practical, hands-on learning opportunities you'll have by attending.

For in-depth learning, consider signing up for one of the comprehensive malware Trainings offered at Black Hat USA this year; A Complete Practical Approach to Malware Analysis and Memory Forensics - 2020 Edition is a great example, as this 4-Day Training will quickly get you up to speed on malware analysis, reverse engineering, Windows internals, and techniques to perform malware hunting and rootkit investigations of real-world memory samples using an open-source advanced memory forensics framework (Volatility).

If you already have some experience in these areas, consider signing up for the Malware Analysis Master Course. You'll need to have a decent understanding of x86 architecture and the Windows APIs, as this 4-Day Training is designed for the experienced malware analyst. Students will learn how to combat against anti-disassembly, anti-debugging, and anti-virtual machine techniques. You'll also learn how to defeat packed and armored executables and will be challenged to demonstrate these skills throughout the course.

For briefer tutorials on the specifics of modern malware, check out the malware Briefings on offer to all Black Hat USA attendees. In Demystifying Modern Windows Rootkits, for example, you'll get expert guidance on the process of writing a rootkit, moving past theory and instead walking through the process of going from a driver that says "Hello World" to a driver that abuses never-before-seen hooking methods to control the user-mode network stack.

And if you just want some new tools to play with, stop by the Black Hat USA Arsenal and get a demo of Capa. According to its creators, Capa is an open-source tool that detects capabilities in programs to reduce the time-to-triage and make malware analysis more accessible. Anyone dealing with potentially malicious programs and especially forensic, intelligence, and malware analysts can use Capa to understand a sample's capabilities, role (downloader, backdoor, etc.), and any suspicious or unique functionality!

Register now for this year's fully virtual Black Hat USA, still scheduled to take place August 1st through 6th, and get more information about the event on the Black Hat website.

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