Black Lives Matter Initiatives Update

As part of Black Hat's commitment to the Black Lives Matter movement and doing our part to actively support, enable, empower, and increase the black representation in Information Security, Black Hat has established the following programs and partnerships:

Black Girls CODE

Each year, Black Hat designs a commemorative t-shirt and donates the proceeds to non-profit organization. The proceeds of this year's t-shirt sales will go to Black Girls CODE. Several Black Hat Speakers have asked to donate their honorarium to an organization supporting opportunities for Black individuals in tech and so those stipends will be coupled with the Merchandise Store proceeds and donated directly to Black Girls CODE.

We chose to support this non-profit because of their commitment to empowering young women of color to embrace the current tech marketplace as builders + creators. Black Girls CODE is dedicated to introducing girls of color ages 7-17 to computer programming and technology through community outreach programs such as workshops and after school programs. You can learn more about this great organization and/or make a donation here:

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Blacks in Cyber Partnership

As a way to amplify the voices of black and brown practitioners in the Infosec community, Black Hat has partnered with Blacks In Cybersecurity to further the networking and development opportunities for the Black community in Cybersecurity. Black Hat has awarded complimentary Briefings passes for their members to attend this year's virtual event.

Blacks In Cybersecurity seeks to promote advancement, knowledge, education and culture in the Cybersecurity and greater STEM Community. And with that mission in mind, the BIC group will also be actively participating in Black Hat USA, presenting a session on the benefits and opportunities available at industry events and encouraging members of the Infosec community to actively participate in conferences.

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Women in Security and Privacy

In partnership with Women in Security and Privacy, Black Hat has donated complimentary Briefings passes for the learning and advancement of Black cybersecurity and/or privacy practitioners through the WISP #ShareTheMicInCyber initiative.


In response to anti-black racism and the deaths of countless black people, the country and the world are standing up against systemic racism in response. Many in the cybersecurity community have been searching for ways to amplify the voices of black and brown practitioners in the national security/foreign policy space. Inspired by the #ShareTheMic campaign on Instagram, Camille Stewart (@CamilleEsq on Twitter) and Lauren Zabierek (@LZXDC on Twitter) have teamed up to launch the #ShareTheMicInCyber Twitter campaign. On June 26, 2020, prominent members of the cybersecurity community spent the day tweeting about a Black cybersecurity practitioners."

In response to the brilliant #ShareTheMicInCyber campaign, we started raising funds for Najla (@ForSci_Q) to sit for the PMP, OSCP, CISSP and SANS DFIR courses/exams. We ended up raising the $2000 to cover Najla's expenses and had SANS donate the DFIR course/exam in just one day and are now moving on to cover as many training, certification, and learning or advancement expenses incurred by Black cybersecurity and/or privacy practitioners in the #ShareTheMicInCyber group as possible.

To donate please visit the WISP website here

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