Training Slots: Going Fast

The magical date of July 25 edges closer and closer - it's just three weeks away! Deadlines loom, and the used bottles of Club-Mate litter our desks, singing their familiar song: "Recycle us, or we may fall and shatter into tiny shards."

As is the norm for three weeks out, the training classes are really starting to fill up, so heed this cautionary tale. Every year we hear from a number of attendees who couldn't get into the trainings they wanted because they waited too long and the classes sold out. Don't let this happen to you!

Here's a quick rundown of some of the classes that are still open. This is by no means the complete list. Instead, we're just highlighting a few still-open classes to give you a taste of the subject matters offered at Black Hat. Proceed to our trainings page to view the full list!


With the visible uptick in high-profile hacks and data breaches, forensics and incident response are an integral part of a proper enterprise security policy. Beyond the policy, what does one do when face-to-face with the box? Learn valuable techniques in Advanced Memory Forensics in Incident Response with Jamie Butler and Peter Silberman and Digital Forensics and Incident Response with Andrew Case and Jamie Levy.

Secure Apps

Developing secure apps is always the first line of defense, and can save your company time and money, as well as reputation. Learn how with Jared Demott, in Application Security: For Hackers and Developers.

Secure Comm

Join the illustrious Moxie Marlinespike as he discuses his experience with SSL and secure communications in Designing Secure Protocols and Intercepting Secure Communication.


Have your pen testing skills progressed? Is the basic stuff now just too...well, basic? Step up to the next level with SensePost's Hacking by Numbers: Bootcamp Edition. If you really think you're ready, try out Hacking by Numbers: BlackOps Edition for a true skills test.

And for those times when you don't have a 0-day to bust out, Attack Research's Tactical Exploitation will teach you to compromise systems without depending on standard exploits.


Do you ever feel "trapped" in the world of software, and yearn to know how to get into all those chips and understand exactly what's going on in there? Join Kingpin, aka Joe Grand, for one of the only hardware-hacking training classes available, Hands-on Hardware Hacking and Reverse Engineering Techniques: Black Hat Edition.


Ever have one of those days where you feel too smart, and want to be taken down a peg or two? A bit of cryptography might just be just the thing to cure that ego. Join Andrew Lindell for Uses and Misuses of Cryptography: How to Use Crypto Properly and Attack Those That Don't.


There is no getting around it, to work in the enterprise is to push data around the network. The network, what's going on there? How best to defend it? Test it? Log it? Start to get a handle on your infrastructure with the help of Foundstone's Ultimate Hacking: Wireless, TCP/IP Weapons School 3.0 with Richard Bejtlich, and Infrastructure Attacktecs(TM) and Defentecs(TM): Hacking Cisco Networks with Stephen Dugan.

Reversing Stuff

A security engineer's task is not an easy one, requiring a diverse set of highly specialized skills. Your adversaries are always adding to their knowledge toolkits, so it only seems right that we should do the same. Check out Ty Miller's The Shellcode Lab and Chris Eagle's Ida Pro Class: Reverse Engineering with Ida Pro.

So, if any of these topics light your inner fires you should make haste and get yourself signed up. This is one case where the hare most definitely beats the tortoise.

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