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Today's Black Hat USA 2015 Training update has a little bit of everything, a quartet of intriguing Trainings that didn't quite fit in elsewhere.

But first, if a device has a computer embedded, there's a good chance a hacker can compromise it somehow. Door locks, printers, thermostats, even exercise equipment: As the Internet of Things picks up speed, more and more embedded systems lie vulnerable. Embedded Device Security Assessments for the Rest of Us seeks to put the power back in your hands, giving you the knowledge to pentest these systems and discover their vulnerabilities in a professional security context.

Software-defined radio is another hot topic, and our popular Software Defined Radio Training will bring you up to speed on this brave new world of freeform radio with the help of a shiny new HackRF One SDR radio transceiver, yours to keep. Expect a broad-based introduction to digital signal processing, software radio, and the powerful tools that enable the growing array of SDR projects within the hacking community. You'll learn how to transmit, receive, and analyze radio signals and be prepared to use this knowledge in researching wireless security. (Cool radio voice optional.)

Anyone who'd like to work on some basic data science skills would do well to check out the aptly titled Crash Course in Data Science for Hackers. Attendees will learn how to use data science techniques to quickly write scripts to manipulate and analyze network data, as well as read common forms of data. Merge datasets, manipulate tabular data, and even apply simple machine learning algorithms to help identify potential threats.





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