Black Lives Matter

For more than 23 years, Black Hat has endeavored to provide an impartial platform for hackers, researchers, and educators to present their research to the InfoSec community. Our goal has been to let the quality of that research speak for itself and to let the community discuss and debate its merits. To ensure the impartiality of the platform, the team that manages Black Hat events does not normally make broad statements.

This is different.

As members of the Black Hat Team we believe that Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter to us personally and Black Lives Matter to the brand we represent.

We further understand that we have a duty and responsibility to do more than just make statements. We acknowledge that we cannot claim to serve the security community without doing substantially more to actively support, enable, empower, and increase the black representatives within that community. We are working on a number of programs to address this issue now and will announce them shortly.

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