Mad Scientist Goggles? Check! Workshops Engage!

If you've attended Black Hat in the past, perhaps you've checked out one of our applied knowledge workshops? Workshops are two or three times longer than a standard briefing, and let you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty alongside the workshop's presenter. We supply the desks and power, you bring your hands and laptop, and magic happens.

We're still working on that final schedule, but the plan is to always have two workshops running concurrently alongside the more typical briefings. Here are three workshops you'll want to scope.

<GHz or Bust: Black Hat by Atlas

Wi-Fi and cellular are cool, but the real fun's below the gigahertz line: medical, manufacturing, industrial, and power's all in there! With the cc1111usb project, Atlas and friends have turned kiddie toys into functional power-systems-attack tools. With a $50 USB dongle, the world of ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) sub-GHz is literally at your fingertips. These may be toys, but they're not playing around.

Ruby for Pentesters: The Workshop by Cory Scott, Michael Tracy, and Timur Duehr

It's hard to overstate the importance of having the right tools for the job, so being able to create those tools on the fly is invaluable. In the fast-paced Ruby for Pentesters, three probably-friendly experts will dazzle you with the power and flexibility of Ruby, then teach you how to use it to rapidly prototype solutions for real-world problems like reversing binaries, hacking together network clients, and building debuggers. You bring a laptop and they'll supply the virtual test environment.

The Dark Art of iOS Application Hacking by Jonathan Zdziarski

When it comes to your most important info, are you ready to trust that iPhone app? All too often iOS apps give the illusion of security when your candy's open for grabbin' with just a modicum of an attackers effort. Jonathan Zdziarski knows. He'll show you how iOS apps are infected, logic checks are bypassed, and data is compromised. Numerous demos will show you what your apps are up against and (hopefully!) how to avoid many all-too-common mistakes.

We'll be announcing many more workshops when our final schedule comes out, which will happen - seriously - soon. As always, check us out on Twitter and be our friend on Facebook!

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