New Black Hat USA 2018 Briefings Announced

More than 110 Briefings will be presented at Black Hat USA 2018. Below are the most recently announced Briefings, with links to their abstracts.

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A Deep Dive into macOS MDM (and How it can be Compromised)
By Jesse Endahl & Max BĂ©langer

A Dive in to Hyper-V Architecture & Vulnerabilities
By Joe Bialek & Nicolas Joly

An Attacker Looks at Docker: Approaching Multi-Container Applications
By Wesley McGrew

Another Flip in the Row
By Daniel Gruss, Moritz Lipp & Michael Schwarz

Are You Trading Stocks Securely? Exposing Security Flaws in Trading Technologies
By Alejandro Hernandez

ARTist - A Novel Instrumentation Framework for Reversing and Analyzing Android Apps and the Middleware
By Oliver Schranz

Decompiler Internals: Microcode
By Ilfak Guilfanov

Deep Neural Networks for Hackers: Methods, Applications, and Open Source Tools
By Joshua Saxe

Detecting Malicious Cloud Account Behavior: A Look at the New Native Platform Capabilities
By Brad Geesaman

Edge Side Include Injection: Abusing Caching Servers into SSRF and Transparent Session Hijacking
By Louis Dion-Marcil

Exposing the Bait: A Qualitative Look at the Impact of Autonomous Peer Communication to Enhance Organizational Phishing Detection
By Kingkane Malmquist

From Workstation to Domain Admin: Why Secure Administration isn't Secure and How to Fix it
By Sean Metcalf

I, for One, Welcome Our New Power Analysis Overlords
By Colin O'Flynn

LTE Network Automation Under Threat
By Ravishankar Borgaonkar & Altaf Shaik

Mainframe [z/OS] Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development
By Chad Rikansrud

No Royal Road .. Notes on Dangerous Game
By Mara Tam

SDL for the Rest of Us: Getting Started with Software Security
By Steve Lipner

Software Attacks on Hardware Wallets
By Sergei Volokitin

The Air-Gap Jumpers
By Mordechai Guri

The Unbearable Lightness of BMC's
By Nico Waisman & Matias Sebastian Soler

Your Voice is My Passport
By John Seymour & Azeem Aqil

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