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When it comes to cyber security, there are no scarier adversaries than militaries and nation states, which as a rule tend to have unknown and highly potent resources at their disposal. Today we look at a trio of Black Hat USA 2015 Trainings that touch on the shadowy world of government infosec.

0x7DF Black Ops Hacking for Pentesters - Master Level isn't modest about its objective: teaching students how to "hack like a nation state," which means a strong offensive focus drawing on techniques employed in recent industry hacks, with a thorough knowledge of new vulnerabilities and how to use them to their full potential. You'll also come to intimately understand Lockheed Martin's concept of the "Cyber Kill Chain," which has been adopted by attackers as well as infosec researchers.

Air, sea, land, space, and... yep, cyber. The U.S. Department of Defense declared an operational domain, and the subsequent application of U.S. doctrine to cyber ops has shed light on new tactics and techniques for network defense based on military doctrine developed over millennia. Military Strategy and Tactics for Cyber Security will appeal to both infosec pros who want to apply military cyber-ops concepts to enterprise defense and government/military folk looking to understand this emerging new battlefield.

Last in today's trio, Risk Management Framework (CNSS-4016) will provide training in knowledge factors and functional requirements established for Entry and Intermediate Level Risk Analysts, addressing professional processes and policy requirements established within the federal Risk Management Framework (RMF). Expect specific focus on identifying, implementing, and integrating management, acquisition, and administrative risk methodologies for securing critical information infrastructures and establishing standards necessary to help protect the confidentiality, maintain the integrity, and ensure the availability of critical organizational computing resources within a risk managed framework.

Got all that? Now give us 50.

Black Hat USA 2015 will occur at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas. It goes down August 1-6, so there's plenty of time to lock in early-bird discounts.





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