USA 2015: Never Lack Intelligence

"Know thy adversary" is an ageless rule of conflict, cyber or otherwise, so being able to effectively source and gather intelligence is often crucial to security ops. As such, Black Hat USA 2015 will have quite a focus on these skills, so consider today's update on intel-related Trainings just a taster.

In some ways the Internet's acted as a great equalizer. For example, today we have access to virtual reams of information that were previously exclusive to state actors and specialized professionals. Even so, you need to know where to look. Advanced Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Technique will begin by sharing over 100 free online resources that let you dig up personal information about most any target. On the agenda are website exploits, metadata, reverse cellular caller ID, and application programming interface tricks, plus a number of custom tools available for free lifetime use.

On a more specific track, Maltego is a fantastic tool for visualizing relationships between entities, and Cyber Intelligence Gathering Using Maltego will teach you to unlock the true analytic potential of this powerful software. From stal... uh, finding people of interest to uncovering infrastructure details of major corporations, expect to be both shocked at how much data is "out there" and thrilled (or at least mildly jazzed) when you see how you can utilize it for both attack and defense.

Finally, Advanced Practical Social Engineering will be a week-long immersion into the world of professional social engineering. Come learn the skills, mindset, and tools to become a proficient social engineer, and develop the ability to blend mental skills of influence, persuasion, and psychological tactics with technical skills such as mastering elicitation and pretexting. By the end you'll be ready to test for the Social Engineering Pentest Professional (S.E.P.P.) certification, and possibly negotiate better deals with your local pizza joint.

As ever, Black Hat USA 2015 will occur at the lovely Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas. It goes down August 1-6, so there's plenty of time to lock in those sweet early-bird discounts.

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