Asia 2015: Fun Party Tricks

Black Hat's known for its breadth of programming, and today's trio of Black Hat Asia 2015 Briefing previews cover a fun mix of slightly unconventional topics.

The social navigation service Waze is a runaway (driveaway?) success, with 50 million users turning to its crowdsourced wisdom to shape their daily routes. So, why not try to break it? Nimrod Partush, Meital Ben Sinai, and Shir Yadid are well past the "try" part, and at Black Hat Asia they'll debut two new Waze attacks in their Briefing Exploiting Social Navigation. The first attack compromises users privacy by using screen-scraping and OCR techniques, while the second can simulate fake traffic jams that dramatically influence the driving directions the service provides. Sounds like fun!

Continuing the spatial location theme, I Know Where You've Been: Geo-Inference Attacks via the Browser Cache will outline a security flaw in many websites' geolocation routines, such that visitors are exposed to side-channel exploits that can reveal their counties, cities, and even neighborhoods to an attacker. It turns out that 62% of 55 Alexa Top 100 websites and 11 map service websites are vulnerable, across all mainstream browsers. Oops! Presenter Yaoqi Jia will wrap by examining the defensive situation.

Finally, what's more fun than a good videogame? That's easy, some would say: cheating at them. But one person's illicit fun can ruin the enjoyment of everyone else, so game developers have long fought a never-ending battle with would-be cheaters. But that's a huge commmitment, so many devs use third-party anti-cheat services run on central servers. Sound like a good target to you? Next Level Cheating and Leveling Up Mitigations will demonstrate how to comprehensively bypass anti-cheating mechanisms, including details of two practical attacks against one of the most popular anti-cheat engines. Note: If you come to this Briefing you're banned from our Quake server.

Black Hat Asia 2015 takes place March 24 to 27 at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Register today!

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