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As our Black Hat Asia Review Board continues review a record number of submissions, we are releasing new selections in batches. Below are the most recently announced Briefings, with links to their abstracts.

For a complete list of ALL Briefings selected to date, and to search by specific tracks, click here.

eMMC & UFS: Security, Vulnerabilities, Rootkits 
By Oleg Yeskov & Vadym Kolisnichenko

International Problems: Serialized Fuzzing for ICU Vulnerabilities
By Yuan Deng

Mac-A-Mal: An Automated Platform for Mac Malware Hunting
By Fabio Massacci & Pham Duy Phuc

Return-to-Csu: A New Method to Bypass 64-bit Linux ASLR 
By Hector Marco-Gisbert & Ismael Ripoll

Server Tailgating - A Chosen-PlainText Attack on RDP  
By Eyal Karni, Roman Blachman & Yaron Zinar

Shadow-Box v2: The Practical and Omnipotent Sandbox for ARM 
By Jun-Hyeok Park & Seunghun Han

VSPMiner: Detecting Security Hazards in SEAndroid Vendor Customizations via Large-Scale Supervised Machine Learning 
By Xiangyu Liu & Yang Song

XOM-switch: Hiding Your Code from Advanced Code Reuse Attacks In One Shot
By Daiping Liu, Mingwei Zhang & Ravi Sahita






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