February 14th-15th Las Vegas
February 14th-15th Las Vegas

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It's late. You're in the office alone, catching up on database administration.  Behind you, your network servers hum along quietly, reliably.  Life is good.  No one can get to your data or disrupt your WAN. The network is secure.  Or is it?  While The Black  Hat Briefings focus on all computer security related technology, the Black Hat Windows security conference focuses solely on Windows security.

The Black Hat Windows security conference has been organized to put an end to concerns like these.  While many conferences focus on information and network security, only The Black Hat Windows security conference will put your engineers and software programmers face-to-face with today's cutting edge computer security experts and "underground" security specialists who specialize in Windows technology.

The Black Hat Windows Security conference was created to focus specifically on the security issues created in the Windows 2000 environment.  Many new technologies are included in the W2K family of operating systems, and they have security implications that need to be understood.

Conference Overview, USA 2001

Because the issues surrounding Windows security are so numerous, a specific Black Hat conference has been created to explore them.  Spanning two days with three separate tracks, this conference will explore in greater detail the technologies, tools, and techniques needed by system administrators to stay on the cutting edge.

What makes Black Hat Windows Security different?  The speakers.  We try to select the speakers that are doing unique research,  writing the security tools, or finding the bugs.  No vendor pitches.  Just straight talk from people who know what they are talking about.

Spanning two days with three separate tracks.  The conference is broken up into a number of tacks.  They can best be described as follows:

Technical - These talks might cover demonstrations, examples and overviews of new attacks, technologies, or trends.  These are technical issues all security practitioners should be aware of.

More Technical - These talks and demonstrations could include source code examples, specific focus on a technical detail, demonstration of complex configurations, or any topic that may require previous knowledge.  The nuts and bolts of a technology. 

Deep Knowledge - The presentations in the Deep Knowledge track last for 180 minutes.  These talks consume the most time because they contain the most complex technical details, are involved demonstrations, or cover big issues that are quite complex.

The Black Hat Windows security conference's intense sessions will bring to light the security and mis-configuration problems confronting organizations and network administrators, most of which go unnoticed by today's preoccupied system administrators where security gets put off in lieu of constant network growth and upgrades.  Our speakers will discuss the strategies involved in correcting existing problems and speak towards what you can expect in the future.

Be sure to arrive the evening before in order to make it to the informal get together and birds of a feather.  Black Hat Windows security is more than just good speeches, it is about making solid contacts in the security space.

Who is this conference for?

CTOs, CIOs, MIS and IT managers as well as anyone else doing security work.  Anyone dealing with the security functions at your company looking for deep insight into the security space, straight talk, and who do not want to attend another vend-o-rama or industry cheer leading event.
Registration Costs

Registration costs are $1,095 US on or before January 22nd 2001
Late registration fees are $1,195 after January 22nd.
This fee includes two days of speaking, materials, a reception, and meals. 
Hotel Room Rates: $159 at the convention rate.  This rate expires 30 days before the conference.

You may cancel your registration before January 22nd for a $100 cancellation and processing fee. Registrants who either cancel after January 22nd, 2001, or fail to attend the conference are liable for a $300 USD cancellation fee.  Registrants who cannot attend may substitute another person by submitting a written request at no additional cost.

 Payment must be received in full (except U.S. G form 1556, etc.) in advance to guarantee attendance.
This fee includes two days of speaking, materials, a reception, and meals.

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