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Black Hat USA 2008 Training

Caesars Palace Las Vegas • August 4-5

Tactical VoIP : Applied VoIPhreaking

the Grugq

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This class is limited to 20 students


This course addresses exploiting VoIP—from end user devices through carrier grade servers—including protocol level attacks, application bugs and common dangerous deployment mistakes. The course provides deep coverage of a broad spectrum of VoIP relevant security threats:

  • Hijacking
  • Sniffing
  • Injecting
  • Interdicting
  • SPITing

Starting with a bits and bytes analysis of VoIP on the wire and progessing to exploit development, you will constantly be increasing your VoIP security skills. In addition to a thorough theoretical understanding of VoIP security issues, you will directly apply your knowlege in practical VoIP workshops. Each workshop addresses an aspect of VoIP security, further deepening your understanding and completing your skill set.

You will leave with a solid grounding in VoIP security assessment, including methodology, techniques and an advanced toolset to facilitate security auditing. You will also have comprehensive knowlege of the major VoIP protocol suites, covering signalling, media and PSTN integration. Additionally, you will have exposure to, and training with, the most powerful and flexible VoIP security assessment tool suite available.

The VoIPhreaking tool suite, based on the VoIPy library, provides a flexible framework for VoIP security analysis. Coded by the grugq, this tool suite is specifically developed for VoIP hacking. After learning how to utilize the suite, you will also be able to extend the core suite to develop new and unique exploits and tests specific to your environment or engagement.

Who Should Attend:

This course is ideal for penetration testers looking to expand their skill set, telecoms engineers and network administrators looking to understand emerging threats, and anyone else interested in VoIP security.


Each student must provide their own laptop with DVD-ROM and a minimum of 4 GB of free space on their laptop to store the instructor provided VMware image.

Course Length:

Two days. All course materials, lunch and two coffee breaks will be provided. A Certificate of Completion will be offered. You must provide your own laptop.


the Grugq as been at the forefront of forensic research for the last six years, during which he has been pioneering in the realm of anti-forensic research and development. During this time, he has also worked with leading IT security consultancies and a major financial institution. Most recently he has been involved with an innovative security software development start-up company. Currently the director of gxlabs, an information security company, the Grugq continues his research on security, forensics and beer.

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