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Black Hat USA 2008 Training

Caesars Palace Las Vegas • August 2-7

Ultimate Hacking: Wireless


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Why Do We Teach This Class?

Mission-critical data, secrets and other company information transmitted into the air cause hackers everywhere to rejoice!

Wireless networks bring unique challenges to those tasked with their defense. How confident are you that your wireless infrastructure can withstand the latest attacks by the world’s cleverest hackers? Do vendors’ claims tell the whole story? Where is your Achilles heel? Beyond the authorized wireless infrastructure you know exists in your organization, what about the wireless networks that aren’t supposed to be there? Do you know when an onsite vendor or consulting company tucked away in a forgotten conference room plugs in their mobile access point?

What about that temporary access point in a QA lab that is still there months later? What about the wireless clients themselves? Laptops, smart phones, printers, VoIP phones, HVAC systems, and even the remote controls in your executive board rooms are all using wireless technologies. Organizations may have a secured wireless infrastructure but find themselves in trouble when these untamed devices are coaxed into connecting to a clever hackers fake access point. Untamed devices that are jacked into your companies ethernet seeking essids like “linksys” are creating a bridge for attackers to get onto your internal network.

Foundstone’s internationally renowned, “Ultimate Hacking: Hands On” series goes wireless to help you see your wireless networks the way hackers see them. Learn the tools, techniques and methods attackers use against you in order to develop an effective defense against their increasingly sophisticated onslaught. Knowledge is power and you do not want the hackers to know more about your wireless networks than you do…

What Will You Learn:

Security vulnerabilities are an unfortunate, but unavoidable, part of today's computing systems. If exploited by internal or external users, these weaknesses can be catastrophic to your organization. Foundstone teaches step-by-step procedures for executing Internet, intranet, and host-level security reviews. This course is the definitive training for learning how to perform "tiger team" and attack and penetration assessments.

Foundstone instructors cover all the bases, presenting manual and scripted security-review techniques that go far beyond what automated analysis tools can do. You return to your organization with valuable knowledge, experience, and the ability to put your new skills into practice.

Who Teaches This Class:

Foundstone consultants/instructors bring real-world experience to the classroom to empower you with the skills to assess your security posture and implement effective countermeasures. As always Foundstone brings its consulting experience breaking into real enterprise wireless networks and shares its methodologies in the classroom. Key topics are supported by hands-on exercises and labs that are specifically designed to increase knowledge retention and take you from theoretical knowledge to the all important ability to “do it”, instead of just talk about it. Picking the right equipment and configuring a purpose built wireless attack operating system can be a daunting task for individuals who are new to wireless technologies. It can take days to properly configure attack systems and figure out which of the many free attack tools work well and which ones just don’t get the job done. Every Ultimate Hacking Wireless student will leave the class room with the right attack equipment and hands on experience using many different wireless tools.

  • How intruders discover, DoS and compromise wireless networks
  • The risks each individual faces when using wireless networks
  • Security countermeasures and best practices to reduce risk

Sun Tzu said it best in the “Art of War”, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Ignorance is anything but bliss when it comes to defense. The enemy already knows you. How well do you know them?

What Do I Get?

Foundstone provides everything you will need to maximize your learning experience (e.g. laptops, targets, course materials).

All you need to bring is the desire to learn! Added Bonus! You get to take home the tools you use during class as below!

  • A customized Live Linux distribution installed on a USB thumb drive for maximum portability, increased speed, and laptop battery life
  • Your notes, live capture files, and anything else you put on the USB drive during class!
  • Foundstone T-shirt and pen

Who Should Take This Class?

Anyone responsible for the planning, implementation, maintenance, or assessment of wireless networks.


Foundstone's management team and selected staff are uniquely qualified to present this material, having performed hundreds of security assessments for Fortune 500 companies. Instructors have managed or directed the security-assessment teams at three of the Big 5 accounting firms, as well as amassed real-world experience ranging from the United States Air Force to Wall Street. Members of the instructor team authored the best-selling Hacking Exposed: Network Security Secrets & Solutions and write a weekly column for InfoWorld magazine. They are also frequent speakers at industry conferences such as NetWorld+Interop, Usenix, and the Black Hat Briefings.

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