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Black Hat USA Training 2005: Weekend Session
Caesars Palace Las Vegas •
July 23-24

All course materials, lunch and two coffee breaks will be provided. A Certificate of Completion will be offered for each class. See the Training Schedule.
course offerings
Weekend Session: July 23-24, 2005

A behind-the-scenes tour of the product evaluation process.

Black Box Bakeoffs: Evaluating Security Technology
Thomas Ptacek & Jeremy Rauch

Aggressive hands-on course. Register early- this class usually sells out.

Hacking by Numbers: Bootcamp

Ninja level. Sensepost's Bootcamp Edition class experience helpful.

Hacking by Numbers: Combat


The definitive training regimen for assessing and securing your networks.

Ultimate Hacking: Black Hat Edition

In depth coverage of current security topics. Not for Beginners.

Ultimate Hacking: Expert

Developed by the co-authors of "Web Hacking: Attacks and Defense" and "HackNotes: Linux and Unix Security". This class is not for the faint of heart.

Web Applications: Attacks & Defense-Advanced Edition
Saumil Udayan Shah


If you are concerned with the security of web applications and the insecurity they introduce to your back end information systems this is the workshop for you.

Web Application (In)security
Special Ops Security & NGS Software

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Created and taught by the founder of Root-kit.

Aspects of Offensive Root-kit Technology
Greg Hoglund & Jamie Butler

New for 2005

Designed to teach how exploits affect the targeted system, the effects can be monitored in real-time, and response to the attack can be largely automated

Dynamic Defense: The Theory and Practice of Automating Attack Detection and Response
Dominique Brezinski, Black Hat


This is an intense course covering the essential aspects of malicious code analysis.

Introduction to Malicious Code Analysis
Scott A. Lambert and Pedram Amini

New for 2005

Essential background material for effective reverse engineering.

Reverse Engineering with IDA Pro
Chris Eagle


This class will focus on massively scalable and demonstrably effective ways to attack systems.

Unethical Hacking - Targeted Malice

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New for 2005

This course is a new offering with very limited seats.

Digital Investigations: Practical Digital Forensic Analysis
the Grugq


A comprehensive course for investigating the suspected use of digital steganography

Discover the Hidden: Steganography Investigator Training
WetStone Technologies


Cutting edge new class on honeypot technology.

Hands on Honeypot Technology
Thorsten Holz and Maximillian Dornseif


Get a free iPod shuffle...

Macintosh Intrusion Forensics
Thane Erickson, Anthony Kokocinski & J0hnny Long

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This course is the first of its kind and focuses entirely on hardware hacking.

Hands-On Hardware Hacking and Reverse Engineering
Techniques: Black Hat Edition

Joe Grand

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Information Security

Earn NSA Certification.

NSA InfoSec Assessment Methodology Course (IAM) -Level 1
Security Horizon

The followup course to the IAM. Earn NSA certification.

NSA InfoSec Evaluation Methodology (IEM) - Level 2
Security Horizon

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A new addition to the popular Hacking By Numbers series.

Hacking by Numbers: Chief of Staff

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Systems Administration

This class has been re-designed to contain all-new Windows 2003 content.

Microsoft Ninjitsu: Securely Deploying MS Technologies
Timothy Mullen

Taught by one of the leadiing experts in Linux security & the author of Bastille Linux

Securing Solaris and Locking Down Linux
Jay Beale

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New for 2005

Discover flaws in database security and effectively develop strategies to keep attackers out

Advanced Database Security Assessment
NGS Software

Extremely popular and intense hands-on course.

Infrastructure Attacktecs™ & Defentecs™: Hacking Cisco Networks
Steve Dugan

A new hands-on course offering from the creator of Hacking Cisco Networks

Infrastructure Attacktecs™ & Defentecs™: Cisco Voice Over IP
Steve Dugan & Rodney Thayer

New for 2005

Wireless Security Class... Hot!

Invisible Network, Invisible Risk
Adam Laurie

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briefings hotel

Attend the Briefings, July 27-28, 2005 immediately following the Training. The Briefings will consist of four different tracks over two days.

Hotel & Venue information for Black Hat US 2005 Briefings and Training. The show will be held at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV USA.

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