Physical Penetration Testing (Advanced)

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USA 2011 Weekend Training Session //July 30-31


This course is geared specifically towards individuals who already have a solid foundation of knowledge in the field of physical penetration. Those with an established understanding of the mechanics of locks and the basic ways in which they can be compromised (lockpicking, shimming, bypassing, decoding, bumping, etc) can learn highly advanced and specialized techniques in this course. Topics that cannot be covered in a simple introduction will be demonstrated and perfected over two full days of in-depth instruction. Impressioning fully-functioning keys for unknown locks, manipulating the dials of safes, and advanced lockpicking and lock bumping techniques will be covered in great detail.

NOTE – due to the sensitive nature of the material in this program (most particularly safe-cracking) entry into this course is restricted to Law Enforcement Officers, Government Personnel, and Properly-Credentialed Established Security Professionals only. If taking this course, you must register utilizing a domain name that can verify your place of employment.

Pedagogic Methods Used

Direct lecture, hands-on exercises, progressive step-by-step exercises of increasing difficulty.

Who Should Attend:

Law enforcement, Feds, penetration testers, security auditors, IT professionals responsible for infrastructure oversight

Student Requirements

This course exclusively covers advanced knowledge topics. It is essential that participants already have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of how pin tumbler locks work, how lockpicking is performed, and where physical security fits in an overall data security model. Our "Physical Penetration Testing – Introduction" course is a suitable prerequisite.

What to bring:

Only yourself. If you have any lockpicking tools, that's fine… but tools and practice locks will be provided.

What You Get:

We provide a full kit of tools and instructional locks. The students are allowed to keep all such materials after the course concludes.


Barry Wels earned his nickname "The Key" when he started picking locks around 1985. His first presentations and workshops took place at the HEU (Hacking at the End of the Universe) conference and in Bielefeld at the "public domain" sessions (both in 1993). Barry is one of the founders and president of TOOOL, The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers. In the fields of mechanical locks as well as electronic crypto, Barry believes in security through openness and transparency, not through obscurity. While presently working with the CrytoPhone company, Barry still reserves a significant portion of his time for giving presentations, trainings, and lock-related R&D. Topics covered in trainings and presentations range from simple beginner courses to advanced masterclasses that can take up to a week.

Han Fey is recognized internationally for his in-depth white papers and articles in both academic as well as trade publications which detail the inner workings of some of the world's most advanced locks. His company engages in consulting, marketing, and testing of mechanical and electronic lock products. He is a renowned lock tester and security consultant, finding flaws in security products before they are public... thus saving companies millions of dollars and PR problems. Han is also the proud owner of one of the world's most extensive collections of high security locks, safes, and access control hardware.

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