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Black Hat Europe 2000

Black Hat Europe 2000

Track/Speaker/Topic Presentation
Keynote Presentation - Black Hat Europe 2000
Jennifer Granick
Issues Surrounding International Computer Crime Laws

Stuart Hyde
"Plenty of Coppers in Change"

Speaker/Presentation - Black Hat Europe 2000
Ofir Arkin
ICMP Usage In Scanning

white paper

HalVar Flake
Finding Holes in Closed-source Software

Jobb De Haas
Getting Rooted and Never Knowing It

David Litchfield
Auditing The Security of Applications

Kevin McPeake & Wouter Aukema
Falling Domino Servers

Rooster & J.D. Glaser
Defending Your Network with Kerberos

Simple Nomad
Strategies for Defeating Distributed Attacks

John Tan 
What Is Involved In a Forensic Effort

Ask the Experts Panel:
Rooster, JD Glasser, Job de Haas, Ofir Arkin, Jennifer Granick, Halvar Flake

The panel starts off with the question "What do you see now and in the future as the security trends in your area of expertise?" and expands from there.

Black Hat USA 2000

Black Hat USA 2000

Track/Speaker/Topic Presentation
Keynote Presentation - Black Hat USA 2000
Dominique Brezinski
Hal McConnell
Threats from Organized Crime & Terrorists

Marcus Ranum
Full Disclosure and Open Source
Bruce Schneier
The Internet and the Death of Security
Brian Snow
We Need Assurance

Deep Knowledge - Black Hat USA 2000
Greg Hoglund
Advanced Buffer Overflow Techniques
Kingpin & Brian Oblivion
Secure Hardware Design
John McDonald & Thomas Lopatic & Dug Song
A Stateful Inspection of FireWall-1
An Analysis of Tactics Used in Discovering "Passive" Monitoring Devices
Rooster & J.D. Glaser
Defending Your Network with Active Directory Services
More Technical Track - Black Hat USA 2000
Job de Haas
Getting Rooted and Never Knowing It
Advanced Windows NT/2K Security (II)
David LeBlanc
Real-world Techniques in Network Security Management

Simple Nomad
Strategies for Defeating Distributed Attacks
Technical Track - Black Hat USA 2000
Jason Garms
Defending Windows 2000 on the Internet

Ron Gula
Bypassing Intrusion Detection Systems
Jericho & Munge
Hard-core Web Defacement Statistics Trends and Analysis
Mark Kadrich
Intrusion Detection in High Speed Networks
David Litchfield
Compromising Web Servers, and Defensive Techniques


Ron Moritz
Proactive Defense Against Malicious Code

Padgett Peterson
Securing E-Mail Gateways From Attack
Jeremy Rauch
Routers, Switches & More: Part 2
Jeff Thompson
Making Unix Secure for the Internet
White Hat Track - Black Hat USA 2000
Scott Blake
The Pros and Cons of Hiring Hackers
Jennifer Granick & Mark Eckenwiler
What Internet Service Providers Need to Know About the Law

Terry Losonsky
National Information Assurance Partnership
Diana Kelly with Edward Schwartz
From Policy to Technology, Translating U.S. Privacy Regulations for Implementation. with Edward Schwartz. Part 2-2
Lee Kushner
Hiring Trends, Desired Skill Sets, and The State of Employment in the Information Security Industry
Ian Poynter & Diana Kelley
The truth about ASPs
Edward G. Schwartz with Diana Kelley
Data Privacy: What should the CIO and CISO be doing? Part 1-2

Black Hat Asia 2000

Black Hat Asia 2000

Track/Speaker/Topic Presentation
Pierre Noel
Why Security Architectures Fail

Speaker/Presentation - Black Hat Asia 2000
Casing the Joint. What We Already Know About Your Network 
The beginning of the audio is messed up for a few minutes

Malicious Information Gathering

J.D. Glaser
Auditing and Forensics on NT

Greg Hoglund - Caught!

Jennifer Granick
International Legal Issues Surrounding Computer Hacking

Field Notes

Greg Hoglund
Advanced Buffer Overflow Techniques

Advanced Windows NT Security

Martin Khoo
Responding to Cyber Threats

Marcus Ranum
Intrusion Detection and Network Forensics

Long Version

Jeremy Rauch
Routers, Switches & More: Part 1

Panel: Q&A: Ask the Experts Panel
moderated by Jeff Moss.
Check out the full disclosure debate!

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