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Lance Spitzner, HoneyTech

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Often the simplest way attackers compromise your organization and it’s information is through your employees. A comprehensive security awareness program is one of the most effective ways to protect against these risks. Our two day training class gives you everything you need to plan, deploy and maintain a successful awareness and training program. In addition, upon completion you will receive the following.

  1. Certification as a Security Awareness Program Manager and 16 CPE credits.
  2. A three month license to brand HoneyTech’s monthly security awareness newsletters and screensavers as your own.
  3. A free security awareness assessment for your organization.
  4. Meets compliance requirements for FISMA, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

Topics Covered


  • Defining overall scope, strategy and goals.
  • Putting together a project plan, including communications, roles and timeline.
  • Getting management support, including a budget.
  • Identifying key targets for training and the different ways to approach them.
  • Building training content and different sources, including policies, industry best practices and compliance issues.
  • Onsite training, including courses for employees, management and IT Staff.
  • Online training, including Learning Management System (LMS) resources.


  • Building your Train the Trainer program for Human Resources and new employee hires.
  • Building excitement with Awareness month.
  • How to present, including ten key steps to success and ten mistakes to avoid.
  • How to conduct live demonstrations, including “hacking your boss”.
  • Go through a typical awareness training session.
  • Additional materials, including posters, newsletters, videos and screensavers.
  • Developing metrics and how to track the success of your program, including awareness assessments.
Who Should Attend This Course:
  • Training Staff
  • CSO’s and Security Management
  • Security Technical Staff
  • Auditors and Compliance Officers

What to bring:

Laptop is optional. This is primarily a lecture course.


Lance Spitzner is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of cyber threat research, training and awareness. He invented and developed the concept of honeynets, is the author of the book "Honey pots: Tracking Hackers" and co-author of "Know Your Enemy: 2nd Edition". He has published over thirty security whitepapers and articles, including several publications in the Know Your Enemy series. Mr. Spitzner worked for Sun Microsystems for four years as a senior security architect, helping secure Sun's customers around the world. He is founder of the Honeynet Project; an international, non-profit security research organization that captures, analyzes, and shares information on cyber threats at no cost to the public. He has spoken to numerous organizations, including the NSA, FIRST, the Pentagon, the FBI Academy, the President's Telecommunications Advisory Committee, MSISAC, the Navy War College, the British CESG, the Department of Justice, and Monetary Authority of Singapore.

He has consulted around the world, working and presenting in over 20 countries on 6 different continents including Germany, Brazil, UAE, Oman, Singapore, Japan, India, Philippines, Norway, Australia, Poland, Mexico and the United Kingdom. His work has been documented in the media such as CNN, BBC, NPR, and Wall Street Journal. Mr. Spitzner serves on the Distinguished Review Board for the Air Force Institute of Technology, Technical Review Board for CCIED, Information Assurance Curriculum Advisory Board at DePaul University, and was one of the original faculty members of the SANS Institute. Before information security, Mr. Spitzner served seven years in the Army, four as an officer in the Army's Rapid Deployment Force. Mr. Spitzner earned a B.A. from the University of Illinois-Champaign and an M.B.A. from the University of Illinois-Chicago.

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