Black Hat DC 2010 //cfp faq

Hyatt Regency Crystal City • Jan 31 - Feb 3

Black Hat USA 2009 Call For Papers Crowdsourcing FAQ

Delegate Reviewers

Do I have to be a paid delegate to get access to the CFP submissions?

Yes. Non-delegates will have to wait until the speakers are all accepted and the website is updated to see the abstracts.

How do I sign up to see the CFP submissions?

You'll see the options when you register at

Are there limitations to what information I can see from the CFP submissions?

There are some. Delegates will not see the name of any submitter. Also, submitters can decide for themselves how much of their presentation and materials are available for delegate review - it can range from the full submission to just a title and an abstract.

Are speakers ultimately chosen based on delegate feedback?

Delegate feedback will be an integral part of the process, but final approval rests with the Speaker Selection Committee.


Can I choose what parts of my submission are viewable by the public?

Yes. When you're filling out the submission form online, you'll see text fields for publicly viewable content and hidden content. Please also note that delegates will never be allowed to read attachments, so feel free to put sensitive parts of your submission in attachments and use the attachment feature on the submission page to be sure they're read only by Committee members.

Can I opt out of making my submission viewable entirely?

At this time, no - but you can limit your viewability to a great degree. Delegates cannot see attachments to any submission, so if you're concerned about leaking your secret sauce please consider creating a very limited title and abstract and using the attachment feature on the submissions page to upload Word or PDF.

Can I update my submission in response to delegate feedback?

Delegate feedback will be given at the time we accept or decline submissions. Once your submission is accepted, you will have a defined amount of time to send in your whitepaper. If you choose to refocus your effort during this time, just let us know.

Is the final decision still in the hands of the Speaker Selection Committee?

Yes. The delegate reviews are meant to complement the Committee's efforts, not to replace them. The final approval will always rest with the Committee.

Once I have been selected, can I choose the time and date that I speak on?

No. We will do our best to accommodate your request, however Black Hat makes the final decision regarding scheduling.