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Black Hat DC Training 2008

Westin Washington DC City Center • Feburary 18-19

All course materials, lunch and two coffee breaks will be provided.
A Certificate of Completion will be offered for each class.
See the Training Schedule.

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Course Offerings

The stakes are high for today's network defenders.

New security threats to governments and businesses emerge hourly, from sophisticated wireless attacks to remotely organized Bot armies.

Black Hat DC brings together the best minds in security to define tomorrow’s information security landscape. Featuring many new tracks, new training sessions and a special emphasis on wireless security and attack analysis, DC 2008 is a whole new Black Hat.

Join us February 18-21 in Washington DC and see for yourself.

To be sure of a seat in the training of your choice, register now.

Auditing and Assessment

Web Application (In)security
NGS Software

If you are concerned with the security of web applications and the insecurity they introduce to your back end information systems this is the workshop for you.

Hacking by Numbers: Bootcamp

Novice level. A highly practical course that teaches method-based hacker thinking, skills and techniques.

Hacking by Numbers: Combat Training

Advanced level. This course is all hack, no talk.


Advanced Malware Deobfuscation
Jason Geffner & Scott Lambert

No Source? No Symbols? No Problem.

Analyzing Software for Security Vulnerabilities
Halvar Flake

Intense course encompassing binary analysis, reverse engineering and bug finding.

Reverse Engineering with IDA Pro
Chris Eagle

Essential background material for effective reverse engineering.


SCADA Defense: Protecting Critical Infrastructure

This course is the first of its kind and focuses entirely on hardware hacking.

Side Channel Analysis and Countermeasures

Learn how to protect embedded and smart card technology against side channel analysis

Information Security

NSA InfoSec Assessment Methodology Course (IAM) - Level 1
Security Horizon

You will need this course before you can take the IEM course. Earn NSA Certification.


ROOTKIT: Advanced 2nd Generation Digital Weaponry
Greg Hoglund and Jamie Butler

Advanced class developed and taught by the creators of Root-kit.


Breakable: Secure Your Oracle Servers By Breaking Into Them
David Litchfield & Mark Litchfield

Delves deeply into Oracle server security and complements the Advanced Database Security Assessment Course

Defend the Flag (DTF)
Microsoft, iSEC Partners, and Immunity

Learn to attack and secure Windows

Exploits 101
Allen Harper

Working through lab examples and real world vulnerabilities to take you to the next level

The Exploit Laboratory: Analyzing Vulnerabilities and Writing Exploits
Saumil Udayan Shah

Learn how to expose the inner mechanisms of exploits and how they work. The class is highly hands-on and very lab intensive.

Invisible Network, Invisible Risk
Adam Laurie

Wireless Security Class... Hot!

TCP/IP Weapons School: Black Hat Edition
Richard Bejtlich, TaoSecurity

Learn how networks can be abused and subverted, while analyzing the attacks, methods, and traffic that make it happen.

To be sure of a seat in the training of your choice, register now.


Attend the Briefings, February 20-21, 2008 immediately following the Training. The Briefings will consist of ten different tracks over two days.


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Hotel & Venue information for Black Hat DC 2008 Briefings and Training.
The show will be held at the Westin Washington DC City Center.

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