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  July 12, 2005 - Poking at Protocols: SSH and SPA

by Jeff Moss

Protocol layer research allows us hackers to both secure and exploit everyday operational communications. On this BlackPage, Adam Boileau walks us through a day of formulating his latest SSH hijacking techniques while Mad Hat provides a first look at Single Packet Authentication, and how it might land system administrators a few extra dates.

  A Day in the Life of a SSH Trust Hijacker

by Adam Boileau posted July 12, 2005

Time: 0712
Mood: Angsty
This morning in the shower, a vision of Richard Stallman came to me, and told me I should write a python interface to GDB. I wonder why?
Last time I listened to him, I got thrown out of the Pub.

Time: 0923
Mood: cussing
Wow, GDB/MI's better than libiptables. I'm not sure that’s a compliment.

Time: 1115
Mood: 3v1l
Hey, Mr 0nate left a shell to open, I wonder if I can get his SSH to go change my ratelimit?

Time: 1430
Mood: Self abuse
Man, I sure am glad my hat's the colour of a toothpaste model's teeth, 'cause you could wreak a far bit of havoc with this thing hooked up to that Firefox URL-Icon Javascript bug...

  Sexy Packet Authentication

by MadHat posted July 12, 2005

Single Packet Authentication (SPA) is a protocol that does just what it says -- identifies the client to the server with a single packet. What you do next is up to you, but we came up with several scenarios. Port knocking too insecure? SPA to the rescue. Behind a client's NAT on a consulting gig and need to restart the mail server back at the main office? SPA has a plan. Reverse shell out of your secure DMZ back to you in your hotel room? SPA commands all. Need a new protocol to impress potential sexual partners? SPA is deeeead sexy.

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