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Black Hat now issues all Training Certificates of Completion in digital format. Digital credentials — a traditional looking certificate, and more modern badge — provide a more sustainable, verifiable and secure pathway for Black Hat Training attendees to share their achievements.

  • Always Accessible:
    Never worry about losing your certificate!
  • Easily Sharable:
    Showcase your achievement on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn with one click.
  • Control Your Privacy:
    How and when you share your credential is up to you.
  • Print at Any Time:
    Print a high-quality PDF of your certificate, whenever you'd like.
  • Learning, Verified:
    Your achievements can be verified at any time.
  • Portable and Exportable Achievements:
    Embed your credential on your website, in your email signature, save a PDF of your credential.
  • Name Change Requests:
    Please email with the subject line "Name Change: Your Name". Please use the email that you used to register for your training.
  • Removal Requests:
    Please email with the subject line "Delete Requests: Your Name". Please use the email that you used to register for your training.

Black Hat Trainings participants will be issued a digital Certificate of Completion, along with a digital badge. Certificates and badges are sent to the email address associated with the attendee registration. Certificates will not be issued to attendees not physically present at their registered Training course.

We take action where we can to minimize our direct impact on the environment, and where possible, we work to reduce the waste that arises from our events. Going digital means reducing our carbon footprint, cutting down on waste and going greener.

Learn how to use your Digital Credential

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